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Area of use

Mobile payments

We believe that the concept Mobile Payment is not just payment via mobile device or mobile wallet. We are convinced that it’s more than that.

Use our solution if you want to

  • Ensure equal access to various services for end users, at both service providers and resellers, at any time or in any place
  • Create special conditions and environments for service operators, resellers and end users, where they can interact with each other
  • Sell your services any time and any place via phone call, text message or mobile application, even if you’re not a mobile provider

Sell your services through your business and a large network of resellers, with cash or e-money

Management of electronic accounts and invoicing

Our solutions are capable of managing very complex invoicing processes, and issuing a large amount of invoices.

Front offices, customer service desks and call centres can use our tools to manage the electronic accounts of both end users and resellers.

Integration with other systems can easily be solved thanks to standard interfaces

Management of Parking

Use our solution if you want to either improve your parking processes or implement them in your city. Our experts have 20 years of experience in the management and operation of chargeable parking

Collection of Toll

Do you want to build a highly effective toll system within a relatively short period of time? Or do you want to reduce capital and operational costs, and improve control processes?

In our opinion there are 4 widespread toll models around the world. Sometimes these models are mixed (hybrid type), or sometimes some new features are added to automate the processes. However, in terms of money collection, operational models, control processes, and used technology, most of these toll models can be grouped into 4 main types:

  • Model based on Toll Plazas
  • Model based on Dedicated Short Range Communications technology
  • Model based on Global Navigation Satellite System technology
  • Our Toll-Go model

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Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. However, our model is unique because

  • It requires smaller capital investment compared to the previous three models, and does not require massive roadside infrastructure
  • It requires lower operational costs compared to the other models
  • It can be used on any road type
  • It can be built faster compared to the other models (Hungarian example: 2.5 months for a 6500 km road network)
  • It is free flow and distance-based
  • It creates a special environment where private and public entities can cooperate. There are different participants, and competition.

Our technology can be used for Congestion Charge Zones in cities, districts, and special zones.

Control of trade, Control of freight transportation

If you are involved in customs, tax collection, freight transportation, the police, or a food safety authority, you might be interested in our solution for the control of freight transportation.

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