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i-Cell has been successfully delivering complex solutions in fields such as mobile payment, freight traffic control, electronic accounts management, on-street and off-street parking, toll collections, and smart mobility since 2013.

Some facts about our projects and products:

  • We hold the world record for the fastest implementation of a countrywide toll system. This complex solution was implemented in 2.5 months, on a 6500km chargeable road network
  • Our solutions are used by 2,000,000 end users, and more than 40,000 companies in Hungary, Austria, Germany and China
  • Our systems manage over 25,000,000 transactions yearly
  • Thanks to our solutions, our clients have collected more than €5 000,000,000 since 2013


Toll-Go is the name of a ground-breaking electronic toll collection system and model, designed and developed by Hungarian engineers. The universal system is designed for automatic and manual toll collection, and can be used on virtually any road (motorways, main roads, second- and third-category roads, etc.) and implemented within an extremely short timeframe.

Thanks to a new concept, its implementation requires less financial resources than other solutions. The Return On Investment ratio, however, is one the highest in the world. The effectiveness of the new concept and system has been proven multiple times in Hungary.

For details please visit HU-GO web page

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TOLL-GO is a distance-based (km) free-flow system, based on GNSS technology.

On-Board-Units are not mandatory and gantries are not used for toll collection in the model.

The system can be used on any road (motorways, main roads, second- and third-category roads). It requires a lower cost and less time to implement compared to previous models.

The whole solution was implemented in only 2.5 months, on a 6500km chargeable road network in Hungary.

Hungarian National Toll Payment Services Plc (formerly State Motorway Management Company Ltd) has been using the solution since 1 July 2013 to manage different toll collection and toll service processes. The product was introduced under the HU-GO trademark by National Toll Payment Services Plc.

Our role in the project was the design and development of Toll-Go – the core system of HU-GO – and the design and development of an entirely new concept and its internal processes.

HU-GO has received various awards and prizes for its innovative concept, including the Innovation Award from the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Project of the Year award from the Hungarian Association of Information and Communications Technologies.

System for control of freight traffic

Our system helps to detect tax evasion and tax fraud related to freight transportation. It helps authorities to track the movement of goods by collecting and analysing transportation data.

The solution can be useful for authorities such as the police, the customs agency, tax authorities, and the food safety office.

It also provides integration possibilities for transportation companies and their transportation systems.

The solution shows real-time data and information about the movement of vehicles, and alerts authorities in case of unusual or suspicious behaviour.

For details, please visit EKAER’s web page.

The system was introduced under the name EKÁER ( Elektronikus Közúti Áruforgalom Ellenőrző Rendszer) on 1 March 2015 by the Hungarian National Tax and Customs Administration (http://nav.gov.hu/).  Since its introduction, the number of registered companies has reached 60,000.

The role of i-Cell was to design and develop the concept and the system.

Online Invoice System

Our invoice control system is an online platform for reporting invoice data, which checks and monitors Business-to-Business invoicing, in real time and at a national level.

It also provides an input platform for various systems that process invoice data.

  • Receives, interprets, validates, records, and transmits huge amounts of electronic invoice data
  • Supports the work of the Tax Authority
  • Is Cloud-based technology
  • Can easily connect any type of invoicing platform through a standard interface
  • Can explore not only fraud cases but also fraud networks, with BI or other data analysis, which also supports risk analysis and selection
  • Supports digitisation and encourages online invoicing

With our solution, suspicious invoices are detected quickly and easily, and E-invoice fraud can be decreased significantly.

To find out more, visit the official website.

The Online Invoice System was introduced on 1 July 2018 by the National Tax and Customs Administration (NAV). The Tax Authority expects to see a significant decrease in tax evasion and illegal tax avoidance in B2B invoicing.

Mobile Payment Platform

Our unique central payment platform can help cities or states to achieve significant transparency in payment processes and reduce costs (both for the state/city and for end users), as well as improve the quality of services.

Customers can pay different fees and taxes, and purchase products and services via the platform or its resellers.

Payment can be made by text message, call, the mobile application, or even cash (at resellers).

Besides the purchase of different products and services, the solution can be used for management of on-street public parking spaces.

Different resellers are able to connect to the platform and conduct their business activities easily and effectively.

For details, please visit official web page of the National Mobile Payment Platform

Our platform was introduced under the name National Mobile Payment System (in Hungarian Nemzeti Mobilfizetési Rendszer) on 1 July 2014 by National Mobile Payment Plc (official Hungarian name Nemzeti Mobilfizetési Zrt). Currently more than 70 reseller companies are connected to the platform.

This complex solution processes more than 23 million transactions annually.

In August 2017, the solution was introduced in Yangzhong city, Jiangsu province, China. The payment platform is used for initiation and payment of on-street parking service.

New features were introduced within the scope of the project, such as, payment with WeChat and Alipay.

Other competencies

We have also participated in a number of projects as project coordinators and integrators

For details please visit http://www.police.hu/

Complex Traffic Control Solutions

Our role was to deliver and install Stationary and Mobile Traffic Control Points, jointly with the consortium partner, as well as to coordinate and integrate the project.

160 Mobile Complex Traffic Control Points

Functions of the solution:

  • Speed measurement
  • License Plate Recognition
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Traffic counting
  • Detection of traffic congestions
  • Detection of vehicles carrying dangerous goods

Automatic detection of numerous traffic violations

Automatic upload of collected information

134 Stationary Traffic Control Points

The “brother” of Mobile Complex Traffic Control Point has the same functions.

The construction and installation of 134 gantries throughout Hungary, including equipment, was carried out in a record 8 months.

This solution is often called “The Secret Weapon of Hungarian Police”, and from a technical point of view is absolutely unique in Europe. Thanks to this tool, traffic safety has improved significantly.

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