i-Cell Mobilsoft Zrt.

Our Team

Innovative, Flexible, and Reliable – these are the three words that best describe our team.

i-Cell is proud of its team of professionals. Our company is full of talented, driven, and young individuals, who are committed to getting things done right, and on time. At i-Cell, we consider each other family, and we treat each other as such. We are proud that we are able to make decisions and react to new market conditions promptly and effectively.

We are working on important innovation projects that affect economies and people’s lives. We believe that every minute that we spend on these projects has value and meaning.

How we do it

Agile approach

At i-Cell we follow the agile software development principles. Most importantly

  • We strive to constantly deliver working software that best meets our customers’ requirements
  • We work in accordance with Scrum and Kanban frameworks
  • Our team prioritizes the work, together with the customer
  • We deliver small packages of working software in sprints, according to the customer’s acceptance criteria

At the end of each sprint, we hold demonstrations to collect the customer’s feedback as early as possible